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Your Print Service is doing a great job of providing an off-ramp for your business information. Now let’s make it an on-ramp and really make it pay.
Document management is simple. Knowledge is power for your employees and knowing where to get the knowledge they need is priceless. A good Document Management Solution allows you to store information, share it for collaboration, annotate it for ongoing projects and recall information when it’s needed. The more of this you can do digitally, the less print-volume you create. Next thing you know your bottom line is looking better and your employees are empowered to perform to their very best.
At XCS our experience in supplying companies with the components, the software and the user education to get the most from your document management is vast. With a proven track record in providing a variety of companies across multiple industries you document management will never be in safer hands.

– eCopy ShareScan
As easily as tapping buttons on a smart phone, office workers can convert images of text into actionable data and capture them in the information systems used to run the business—easily and securely—right from the MFP’s touch screen

– SafeCom
SafeCom produce solutions for Smart Printing™ which provide central administration of users and devices to optimise operations, document accounting of all print, copy, fax, e-mail and scan activities, secure printing of all documents to ensure confidentiality.

– Equitrac
Equitrac is the global leader of intelligent print and cost management software solutions for the corporate, legal, education, health care and financial services markets.

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