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– Make your Managed Print Solution save you money !
The office printing industry, as a whole, has a tendency to box the term “Managed Print Service” into three things – Hardware, Automated Supplies and more proactive service. Here at XCS we advocate that those things are just the beginning of a truly managed print service.

Cost management is where Managed Print Services really start to not only provide better value, but actually save money too. Cost Management itself is a broad description of potential solutions and no one solution will suit every business.

An XCS Print Audit allows you to identify exactly where your main print expenditure lays. With visibility at every level, from Company print policy down to individual use (or abuse) of a print asset. Armed with this information we can quickly identify potential savings and assist you in modifying the physical assets available, user mentalities and to adapt processes to improve your bottom line.

We pride ourselves on using the best tools in the trade to provide these comprehensive audits and deliver results. Amongst these are Asset DB and the CompleteView package, two leading industry leading pieces of software, provide unparalleled visibility and assessment capabilities.

Every solution is only as good as the problem it solves, so at XCS we take an open-minded approach to the solutions we can deliver. Some key technologies we implement to provide integrated Cost Management Solutions are;

– Xerox Standard Accounting
Regulating use and controlling costs. Networking your multifunction device boosts productivity, but also raises security questions: who should have access? How can you account for usage? And how will you keep a lid on costs? One answer is Xerox Standard Accounting.

– Xerox Secure Access
A streamlined version of pin authorisation on your Xerox MFDs using your employee’s card or ID Pin. Authenticate who is using your system, authorise them to use specific functions then Account for usage and Audit the result.

– Equitrac
An office print management software helps companies take control of print and manage their print environment to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programmes.

– PaperCut
PaperCut includes a wealth of functionality for tracking and controlling printing. Many sites start with simple goals and will leverage the more advanced features as time goes on.

A server-based secure and mobile printing solution that allows users to print from their workstations, notebooks or mobile device with ease. Mobile workforces are more efficient, minimise costs and improve employee’s home/life balance.

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