Automatic Supplies Replenishment

Make it easy on yourself.  Once your system is installed, sign up for Automatic supply of your Toner.  By utilising the latest Xerox device Agent software and just in time systems you can save time and ensure your toner arrives when it is needed.  How to sign up?  Ask XCS at 01425 654777 and we will send you a sign up link!  It is FREE



The SuppliesAssistant® process is used for select color and monochrome devices. This method automatically captures machine data related to the amount of each supply consumed. Consumption and supply levels are specific to each supply (black, cyan, yellow, magenta).

SuppliesAssistant® requires consumption data transmission from your device to a Xerox’ host server. Loss of device connectivity will result in the suspension of auto shipments.

To determine if your machine is sending SuppliesAssistant data, you or your IT support should check with XCS IT department at 01425654777..

Meter Reads

The Meter Read Program uses an algorithm which divides the machine print volume by the expected average yield of the supply.
Prints ÷ Expected Average Yield = Cartons Used

Example: If a machine has made 10,000 prints and the expected average yield per carton is 2,000 prints, the machine is assumed to have used 5 cartons
10,000 prints ÷ 2,000 avg. yield = 5 cartons

To determine if your machine is sending SuppliesAssistant data, you or your IT support should check for instructions, or contact The XCS IT department on 01425654777
When should automatic shipments be expected?

The replenishment program is customized to send supplies based on your individual machine usage. The system is designed to ship and maintain a one month inventory of supplies to your location.

Once a month, the automatic replenishment system will review each eligible machine to calculate the need for supplies using either the SuppliesAssistant® or Meter Reads process. If a shipment is needed, the system will automatically ship it. Although this review occurs monthly, you will not necessarily receive a shipment each month if the machine usage does not warrant one.

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